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CARE: Chapter Affiliation Requirements

Each year, ATD recognizes local chapters for compliance with the Chapter Affiliation Requirements. Since ATD instituted the program, the ATD Tulsa Chapter has been in compliance all but two years. 

Chapter Affiliation Requirements (CARE), are a set of performance guidelines designed to help chapters deliver consistent benefits to members. CARE consists of elements in six key areas that are necessary for running a chapter like a business: Board of Directors, Communication, Finance, Governance, Membership, and Programming.

ATD requires chapters to remain in CARE compliance in order to maintain chapter affiliation with ATD. CARE helps ATD chapters across the country to deliver a consistent member and brand experience, which ultimately helps demonstrate the value of chapter membership our members and prospective members.

Completion of the annual CARE survey helps and will continue to help chapters remain in alignment with state and legal requirements, chapter services to determine how to best support chapters, and chapters to benchmark their efforts against others.


ATD Tulsa had a very successful year in 2021.

Download the 2021 Annual Report HERE!

The ATD Tulsa Chapter has been recognized by the Association for Talent Development (ATD) as achieving CARE Plus for 2022! Congratulations to the entire 2021 Board of Directors, and to all of our ATD Tulsa Members for this outstanding achievement!

Congratulations! The ATD Tulsa Chapter has won third place in the small chapter category based on its achievement of high levels of joint membership as reported in Chapter Affiliation Requirements (CARE). See the message from ATD President and CEO Tony Bingham.



ATD did not provide logos in the early years of the program, however, ATD Tulsa was also CORE Compliant in 2008 and 2009.

ATD also recognizes local chapters for compliance with joint membership requirements, those individuals who are members of both ATD and their local ATD Chapter. ATD awards Membership Star, Silver Star, and Gold Superstar based upon the percentage of joint members (Power Members) in the chapter.


The Tulsa Chapter of the Association for Talent Development


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